I’m Anna, I was born in rural Mississippi and grew up in a cotton farming community in southern Arizona.  My Dad managed the local John Deere dealership and dabbled in cotton farming on the side.  I “chopped cotton” as a teenager, as did many of my friends.  But I had my eye on what I thought were bigger and better things.  I left that little town as soon as I could!  I left for a city a state away to finish my education.  That is where I met and married my electrical engineer husband.  Our courtship revolved around work.  We spent the days going to work and school and in the evening we were renovating our newly purchased condo.  We loved spending that time together setting up housekeeping.  Those beginnings led us to a love of fixing, painting, building and making a house a home.  It’s what we do together.

After my husband’s career took us from the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Chicago and Tucson, we decided we needed a change.  We were looking to be more grounded, more free.  We were looking to teach our six children to work and to work with us.  So we bought 5 acres in Benson, Arizona, moved our family, and here we are.  I guess, I returned to my roots.

One of the main goals in making this move was to work with our kids.  All the things we do and produce on this little hobby farm are done with our children.  Sometimes they pitch right in and sometimes it takes some teeth pulling, but in the end, I hope we are making memories and learning a few practical skills along the way.  So we are crazy 8 farms.  Just 8 crazy people that moved from suburbia to the country, trying to figure out life the hard way.

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