Desert Rose Dishes


I have never been one to collect anything.  That is, until I saw these Desert Rose dishes on a local Facebook sales group page.  I saw them and immediately knew I “needed” them.  You see, they were my Grandma Romney’s dishes.  As soon as I saw them, I was a 10 year old girl eating her spaghetti and homemade bread up at the bar in her kitchen.  She had all the pieces in the collection, the butter dish, the sugar bowl, I remember it all.  So now, I’m officially a collector of Franciscan Desert Rose.  Apparently, this was one of the most common patterns ever made by the manufacturer and not all Desert Rose dishes are created equal.  I’m learning to tell which ones are worth more than other and I think I really lucked out because I have quite a few pieces that are the real deal.  So enjoy a few pictures of some of the pieces in my collection.  And be on the look out for me, I need a few more dinner plates.

desert rose collection gravyboat

The gravy boat.  It’s just so pretty.


desert rose collection cream and sugar

There’s that sugar bowl along with the cream pitcher.  I’m on a search for the lid to the sugar bowl.


desert rose collection butter

The sacred butter dish is an original made in the USA stamped piece.  It will remain in it’s dish shrine, the display hutch.


desert rose collection plates

Such a lovely place setting.  I’ve got to figure out a nice table setting, I don’t have any pink place mats, think I will go for the green.


desert rose dish collection

Tea cups!  I have 15, they are so cute.  I think they will be perfect for serving desserts.



I really liked the colors with my new Pioneer Woman cake stand, so maybe I will start collecting Jadeite!  Happy Collecting friends.  Collect what brings you joy!


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  1. Gorgeous! They are a perfect addition to your beautiful kitchen!

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