Linen Bread Bag


Ever heard of a linen bread bag?  Look no further.  Linen is a miraculous fabric.  Apparently, the French have been using linen bread bags for centuries and they keep bread fresh longer than any other type of fabric.  It also keeps the crust of your baguette crispy and the inside soft, unlike plastic bags that leave the crust soft.


I am selling these perfect Linen Bread Bags at the S&S Country Coop beginning September 15th.

The S&S Country Coop is located at 561 HWY 80 in the lovely St. David, AZ.

I will also be selling some delicious, fluffy, homemade bread to go in your bread bag.  I am always happy to share my homemade bread recipe that can be found on this website.  If you just want to make the bread yourself, you can find the Bread Recipe HERE.


This eco-friendly bag is available until supplies last.

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