Our Valentine’s Day


I’m from a large family.  My husband is from a large family.  When I say large, I mean, I have 9 siblings.  My husband has 7 sisters, he is the only boy.  So we grew up with a LOT of love.  Plenty to go around.  We both had good experiences growing up in large families, so we thought we’d have a large family of our own.  We only have 6 children, we ran out of steam compared to our parents, I guess.  But being from a big family really is great and we hope our kids will think so once their grown, because I’m pretty sure they don’t think it’s really fun all the time right now.

My mother, who is basically a saint, always tried her best to make us each feel loved and important.  Valentine’s Day was one of those days.  She would get up early, decorate the table with Valentine paraphernalia, give us each candy at our place setting and make us a breakfast that included pink pancakes, bacon, eggs and a strawberry milkshake.  You have to understand how special this was.  We had ice cream for birthdays and that was about it.  And BACON?!!  What?!  Breakfast meat really only showed up on Valentine’s Day.

Along with our favorite candy bar, she loving placed the necessities of life next to the candy.  Socks or underwear were always the gift.  And I was excited about that because the last time I got new socks was last Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  We weren’t poor, but we weren’t extravagant.  My mother had the wise philosophy that less was more.  Less clothing = less laundry.  Less toys = less picking up.  I have since adopted that same philosophy.

These memories of Valentine’s morning are precious to me and I wanted to do the same with my children.  So yesterday, we decorated the table, made the strawberry milk shake, pink pancakes and fried up some bacon.  The kids enjoyed talking about Valentine’s Days of the past and we had  a great morning.  So I just wanted to send some love to my amazing Mom and let her know that her breakfast lives on.  Thanks Mom, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are my affiliate links to some fun Valentine’s Day decorations to help make a great breakfast for your family.

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