The “FIRST” Egg


There is something magical about the “first” egg that is laid by a flock of chickens!  You see, this takes anywhere from 4 to 6 months depending on the breed of chicken.   My 9 year old has checked the coop faithfully everyday, only to be disappointed.  Until… it happens.   The egg appears!!  This is our second flock here on the farm.  And this is a glorious day!  In a week or two, all the hens will be producing and we will collect over a dozen eggs per day.  Eggs for everyone.  Plenty for us to eat and some to sell to you.  So now, the question is.  What to do with this first egg?  We can’t eat it!  I won’t even let the kids touch it!  It will stay in its sacred little spot in the fridge for a while so I can stare at it and be reminded why I love our hens.  Who knew, I would love chickens so much? Happy First Egg Day.

First Egg1

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